Crossroads Hollywood
A Legacy Renewed

A Hollywood district where people
live, work, stay and play.

An exciting new destination for neighbors and visitors to enjoy.

Crossroads Hollywood delivers new life to an underused area of Hollywood. Designed for both the local community and visitors, Crossroads Hollywood will meld residential buildings and commercial space with restaurants, retail storefronts and a hotel, all accessible via a vibrant paseo. Crossroads Hollywood will connect the surrounding community, increase walkability and rejuvenate the area.

Rehabilitate & Revitalize

The proposed project will rehabilitate and revitalize the historic Crossroads of the World complex.

Pedestrian Paseo

This new landscaped pedestrian pathway connects Sunset and Highland and activates the historic Crossroads. Relax along the way, grab a bite and enjoy the view!

Safer & Smarter

The project includes street improvements designed to help protect drivers and pedestrians.

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